• Powerful Presence

    Powerful Presence

    Naaz Hosseini, voice empowerment coach, helps corporate and entrepreneurial women step into their vocal power so they can command the attention and respect they deserve. Naaz works with artists, entrepreneurs and corporate clients to help them free their expression, unleash their creativity, and connect to their confidence.

    For Naaz’s branding she came to us with the purple swirl and a self-made logotype that needed updating. Our goal was to create a new logo using the swirl that would be both strong and elegant to reflect her personal style as a voice coach. We added the fresh ocean blue to the color scheme to create a balance of energy. The purple represents speaking from the heart and the blue represents the crystal clear clarity of communication. For imagery we sourced photos that helped reinforce her message of speaking with confidence, enjoyment and connecting with community.

  • I Dream of Jeannie…

    We are just about to wrap up a wonderful new website for writer Jeannie Zusy. This project is especially fun because not only are we designing the website but we’ve created a logo and designed all the book covers for her plays, screenplays and fiction (except for 9 Cat Tails – Jeannie’s husband John created that fabulous one). It has been a labor of love creating a branding concept that reflects Jeannie’s energy, sense of humor and emotional depth all in one beautiful package to match this gifted writer’s talents.

  • Logo Redesign for Red Hydrant

    We’re in the process of redesigning Red Hydrant’s logo for their new website that we are developing on a WordPress platform. The funky fire hydrants were part of the original branding and we loved them so we incorporated them into the logo. We chose a clean, narrow sans serif to counterbalance the fun hydrants.

  • Oh my darling, Clementyne!

    We are so excited about launching our new partnership – Clementyne Design!
    We’ve got our good luck charm so stay tuned for more delicious projects by the sweet team at Clementyne Design.