Clementyne Design Testimonials

Working with Clementyne Design has been a great pleasure and creative collaboration. Loretta is a gifted designer with a savvy business mind. We had great fun designing visual images for all of my written work. Also, she brought innovative ideas to every step of the process, and as I feel complete trust in her, I said Yes to all of them! Ronise, the techno mind of the company, educated me on the workings of the web and my site in a way that made sense, and has allowed me to manage independently. I feel my website is a true presentation of who I am and what I do, and I am so grateful to have built it with Clementyne Design!

— Jeannie Zusy, Writer – JeannieZusy.com


Our work is dedicated to sharing beauty with others and to have them experience the world from that perspective. It is thus so critical that what we send into the universe, whether that be the internet or with written materials, is beautiful in every way. How fortunate we are then to work with Loretta who has managed not only to capture this intention but to elevate it to another level. Her creative genius is only surpassed by her remarkable heart, a combination that is unusual in today’s world of technical engineers.

— Robin Queen and Dr. Michael Finkelstein, Co-Creators of Transcendence at SunRaven – TranscendenceAtSunraven.com


Loretta and Ronise designed and created our website recently. We are thrilled, not only with the results, but also with how the implementation process went smoothly and quickly (and completely stress-free!) Our website is packed with terrific content and the design is better than we imagined. We highly recommend Clementyne Design to all our clients.

—Ellen Rose & Felecia Sternbach, Sternbach & Rose, CPAs – SternbachAndRoseCPAs.com


I just got home and I see the new site is up. WOW. Absolutely beautiful. I can’t thank you both enough for the work and the encouragement. You will certainly get any referrals I can send your way. I also can’t tell you how grateful I am, and how blessed I feel, that Ronise and yourself helped me regroup and redirect my practice. This entire opportunity is beyond a dream. I will be grateful to the both of you for eternity.

—Anthony Montalbano, CH, RM, Horizon Hypnosis and Wellness – wellandhyp.com


After years of delay, I decided — reluctantly — to create a website in August, 2012, and I decided to work with the women of Clementyne. It was a daunting task, given that I wanted to incorporate the various media (collage, sculpture, video and performance art) with which I have worked over the course of decades. In other words, there was a tremendous amount of material to organize for my website. I am happy to report that Loretta and Ronise made the process painless, and they created for me a website that is simultaneously complete and professional and FUN to use. They possess the creativity and the know-how necessary to succeed!

—Marcy B. Freedman – marcybfreedman.com


THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC! You gave music to my lyrics! I was blown away. Your work is so original and just made me happy to look at. Thank you so much for your late nights and terrific work. I feel very blessed.



Both Loretta and Ronise are very dedicated and extremely talented. They helped me to deliver the message and fulfill my vision.

—Joanne Feinstein – abacobuzz.com


I really cannot say thank you enough. From beginning to end Loretta, Ronise, and Rana made the experience of creating this website so easy. I think the thing I have appreciated the most about the process is that it gave me the opportunity to present my business to the world with images and words that truly captured what I wanted to say. Loretta and Ronise created a website design that is visually stunning while being clean and simple, just as I hoped. I love the way the site can be navigated through the photos. Oh – and I LOVE my new logo. It is bright, energetic yet peaceful, light and grace filled! Thank you again. I also really loved the tutorial to learn how to work the site myself – it was really important to me to know how to add content to the sie. It was easy to learn and though there will be a question or two along the way it has been very easy and ALOT of fun to do.

—Robyn Fieldrobynfield.com